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December 12, 2004

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I found a sketch for this sign on a ticket book from
my waiting tables days at doe bay this summer so I
went ahead and created it to post at intersections
in my neighborhood, figuring random positive
feedback is the best way to reinforce behavior
and maybe nudge those in cars to change their ways
(at least once in a while). |||| The American Dream is
pretty fucked up. Tonight, I helped a friend install a
steel handrailing in a microsoft millionaire's megahouse.
I didn't see too much of the place, but the kitchen
might have said it all. It was a complete mess, with
giant corporation food product bought in bulk strewn
everywhere--frozen cheesesteaks, meaty pizza, cans
of beefy stew, gatorade, pepsi, and the weirdest item:
Cattle Drive, which at first I took for dog food, like
Wagon Train, but upon closer inspection turned out
to be chili with chunks of eponymous mammal mixed
with beans. If you are what you eat, then this person
would be insipid misery. When we met the homeowner,
this turned out to be true. All those years of education
directed towards hyperspecialization only to land in a
big bland house sustaining oneself with factory food. It
didn't make me sad tho' I saw in it the death of the planet.

 Cattle Drive : Cruel food for herd animals