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November 29, 2004

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Shooting the films was the easy part. I just always carry a camera in my pocket. When something catches my eye, I take it out and record. Selecting clips, making a DVD, and compiling a comprehensive text index took longer. Almost one year later, now that's done, too. You can order 792 Short Films online for immediate delivery here, or save a couple of bucks by buying it in person--like at the DVD release screening Friday, Dec 3 at Fremont Coffee, 459 N 36th St., held in conjunction with Sarah Kavage's open studio art sale, 6-10 pm. You can preview clips by clicking links below. Thanks!
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TRACK ONE (1) FEB 8 2003, 1st movie with canon s200 digital elph, party at dave benham's, fremont fine arts foundry, 154 n 35th st. at the time i didn't know the camera recorded audio. the laughter sounds like gobbling turkeys (2) dave benham's german shepherd anna (3) dave benham multitasking with cel phone headset and sony vaio laptop–"are you going there?" (4) FEB10, working as landscaper, dumptruck delivers 7 yards of topsoil to alley, bill c. in foreground (5) FEB 11, bicycling to work on burke-gilman trail, university of washington tree shadows (6) bill bangs dirt off dumptruck tailgate (7) moving dirtpile one shovel at a time, bill misses the wheelbarrow (8) FEB12, looking up into a winter tree at dusk, sound of I-5 in background (9) vehicles inch south on I-5 at 100 feet per second (10) relative motion of moon moving around sky (11) miso maria consuela cabeza the cat turns circles on kitchen floor, 3955-b fremont ave n (12) FEB13, shaky streetscape mistake (13) using transparent tape to lift images from newspaper at mighty-o vegan organic donut shop, 2110 n 55th st (shot by ryan kellner) (14) FEB 14, view from diner on highway 2 en route to leavenworth, WA (15) sarah kavage shares her potatoes (16) truck's flapping blue tarp (17) sunny day roof snowmelt gutter drip (18) a single candle reflected on italian restaurant table (19) handing soap to sarah kavage in leavenworth motel red aura shower (20) FEB 15, mountain highway hard left (shot by sarah kavage) (21) swirling coffee bubble in index diner (22) feb 15 2003 global day of protest peace march gathers at seattle center (23) street samba dancer against iraq war (24) detroit shuffle queer protest choreography (25) full moon with white noise (26) FEB 16, miso the cat climbs down roof (27) miso swipes at finger (28) jesse paul miller discusses his steve mcqueen sunglasses (29) curved wood burns in fireplace, someone talking with full mouth (30) FEB 17, driving with stuart to work along greenwood avenue–"a fine price to pay for this much function" (31) intersection of 85th and greenwood, pixies "where is my mind?" on the radio (32) white road stripes with clouds reflected in blue truck hood (33) FEB 18, miso scampers off (34) broken water main on kenmore landscaping job (35) backhoe lifts rubble (36) traffic on lake city way, strip mall USA (37) FEB 20, sculptor steve anderson works on sculpey bottle opener form, early a.m. (38) npr (national pentagon repeater) pre-war talk in rainy day traffic (39) sticking it in (the root of disaster and conflict) (40) gas pump running numbers (41) don't walk sign, corner fremont ave & 39th st (42) FEB 21, southbound highway 99, viaduct lower level (43) sea-tac airport arrivals area automatic doors, radio plays–"...pakistan" (44) shades of grey cloud motion (45) mother daughter gas station automobile upkeep (46) arne pihl sticks it in (47) rainy night madison avenue traffic lights (48) pinball machine anti-drug propaganda, mars bar, 609 eastlake ave e (49) "credits 0, insert coins" (50) FEB 22, 4-egg omelette prep (51) soy milk and berries in wicker bike basket, evanston avenue (52) dropping matchbook, pipe tobacco (53) spinning bicycle wheel (54) FEB 23, tagged billboard, eastlake–"protest the war!" (55) one of jesse paul miller's final cigarettes before quitting, fremont sunday market (56) 3 dog pileup (57) bike shadow and bikes passing, burke-gilman trail (58) hanging ten in the bathtub, water runs (59) FEB 24, kirkland roadside radio (60) oversized tasteless homes, seattle suburb (61) stuart dumps skanky storage tub, first task on new landscaping job (62) cold morning icesheet drop (63) under the overpass, lone pedestrian crosses (64) matthew ford drums in his kitchen, 619 n 43rd st (65) FEB 25, route 520 road cookies variable rate stroboscopic effect (66) FEB 26, two seattle metro bus passengers, light and shadow (67) miso transfixed (68) FEB 27, metro bus tunnel ballet, on and off (69) segway walking substitute, 6th and king, seattle international district (70) FEB 28, jesse paul miller dances with tape player, m&s grocery, 418 n 36th st (71) MAR 1, "screw yr. car" skateboard with soft inline skate wheels, evanston ave TRACK TWO (72) sarah kavage rides in red mittens (73) another view of "screw yr. car" skateboard (74) looking down, straight ahead (75) alley skating past dave benham and anna (76) run-in with SUV at 35th and phinney (77) 360 bike view of 35th and phinney intersection (78) 112 n 35th st, former site of steve anderson's "monkey hut" community arts center (79) cel phone biking along burke-gilman trail with dave benham (80) slowly passing SLOW sign under fremont draw bridge (81) butter application, the dock, 1102 n 34th st (82) john berry executes public art commission, I-5 underpass at 65th st (83) pouring a beer at the elysian brew pub, 1221 e pike (84) MAR 2, ed shively lip synchs dave benham's words, fremont fine arts foundry (85) dave benham lip synchs ed shively's words, another poor voiceover (86) spinning under two skyscrapers, downtown seattle (87) view from 76th floor–"ticketed guests" (88) night time shell station driveby (89) MAR 3 sarah kavage paints minutae (90) MAR 5, westlake center war protest–"is this the kind of country we want to live in?" (91) roller paper furls across sidewalk (92) bicycle accelerates past moore theater (93) pigeon lands (94) miso paw pitter-patter (95) armless buddha/jesus autofellatio sculpey floats in tub (96) MAR 6, miso meows for out at door window (97) slap-stapling poster to telephone pole–"it's not against the law anymore" (98) descent into shadow (overcoat silhouette) (99) crazy talk (GW speaks, war is imminent) (100) pere ubu at the crocodile (101) MAR 7, chuck D with fine arts militia at emp FCC awareness raiser–"fuck that president!" (102) chuck D call and response–"fuck that war!" (103) MAR 8, silver-maned cindy pounds hot metal at a ballard foundry (104) MAR 9, slide projector internal mechanism (105) MAR 10, 15¢ coin insert, fremont carnegie library copy machine belly echo (106) roving camera surveys table, kaosami thai restaurant, 406 n 36th st (107) MAR 11, metro bus windshield wipers, greenwood ave (108) camera toss at traffic calming circle, north seattle (109) running down bowdoin pl concrete steps, deep breath (110) MAR 12, muddy brown rain ripples and traffic–"is that a video?" (111) rainy night drive to post alley FCC comment postering session (112) MAR 14, sun diamonds and pink lines, ship canal, fremont (113) MAR 15, sound meter lights, break machine's "street dance" plays (114) dog sits in well-ventilated spray area, fan blades slowly turn, wallingford (115) john berry drips silver paint into canswirl–"i knew you'd like that" (116) MAR 16, john murphy attacks outdoor dj with tablesaw shavings, fremont fine arts foundry–"thrill... thrill... thrill..." (117) greenlake peace demonstration strolling folk choir–"gonna lay down my bombs and guns, down by the riverside..." (118) american flag waving in the wind, laughter (119) john foss greets the sun with a smile, fremont fine arts foundry (120) MAR 17 2003, camera toss while landscaping a banker's estate, mercer island (121) KCUF revolving dj cam (122) overexposed view of shoveling woodchips into wheelbarrow (123) MAR 18, leg shadows of sarah kavage and robert zverina walking (124) window washer, lighthouse cafe, 400 n 43rd st (125) MAR 20, matt foster and his dog friday march for peace, downtown seattle (126) MAR 21, cargo cranes and freight trains along alaskan way (127) bill vaegemast punches a J box with longnose pliers, nate's estate, vashon island (128) raindrops run down international scout window waiting for fauntleroy ferry after a long day of wiring (129) person walking under umbrella in blue spring dusk, vashon ferry terminal (130) jesse paul miller descends steps to greet an unexpected guest, diller building, 122 1st ave (131) spinning turntable, jesse paul miller's studio (132) jesse paul miller and robert zverina run around spinning turntable on which camera is placed, shoes stomp hard wood floor (133) again, but this time with white plastic bags for hoods and holding paper airplane (134) spinning camera with bag action (135) spinning record, zoom out (136) MAR 22, 1st appearance of peace pedaler, clean white dove on cruiser bicycle handlebar, burke-gilman trail, femont (137) single speed bicycle pedaling shadow across zebra stripes (138) rachel corrie memorial 12-mile dirge walk to golden gardens TRACK THREE (139) sunlight and pink stripes through the trees, golden gardens (140) red and black pinwheel kite spins against clear blue sky (141) panting little dog drools beside railroad tracks, golden gardens (142) little dog, white body, black head, runs up to greet camera (143) 3-locomotive freight hauler whooshes by, shadows of trees immobile against its boxes (144) MAR 23, 3 bicyclists on burke-gilman trail, as seen from high above on aurora bridge, hwy 99 (145) peace pedaler crossing 6-lane aurora bridge, one wing apparently bent (146) MAR 28, 7 motorcycles disembark ferry at fauntleroy terminal, multi modes of transport evident (147) puget sound ferry crossing in fog (148) MAR 29, bruce gray reels in his lure, sauk river (149) shooting small rapids in willie drift boat–"whoa!" (150) running view of dry river rocks (151) 360 river view of white horse mountain, bruce gray, bill spence (152) bruce gray adjusts course by pulling on oars (153) MAR 31, catching up to bill vaegemast, home depot (154) 16-pound sledgehammer demo, nate's estate, vashon island (155) APR 1, steven pemba cuts drywall with makita circular saw, dr. bob's house, 8th ave w, queen anne (156) steven pemba's dashboard sticker in driveby light (157) APR 2, workingman's lunch, beer at the pacific inn, 3501 stone way n (158) arne pihl seen drinking a beer through beer (159) steven pemba powermixes quickset joint compound in a bucket (160) APR 3, streetlight procession through windshield waterdrops (161) right turn signal (162) accidental tv views (163) flame, van (164) APR 4, two gaspowered weedwhackers where the monkeyhut used to be, 112 n 35th st (165) dave benham adjusts car battery terminals (166) dr. bob chuckles in his kitchen (167) APR 5, shannon winger twists her one long braid, olympic peninsula (168) brandon & shannon's lip-synching dog (169) steel guardrail whizzes by (170) coastal rainforest expedition crosses rainslick beachlogs (171) giant log beach bonfire–"this thing shoots little movies" (172) windshield wiper barcelona house music flavor (173) sunlight erodes passing trees (174) fireplace and candle, drunk muttering, kalaloch lodge (175) APR 6, lone stroller against mighty pacific backdrop (176) eddie the sheepdog bounds and barks on rialto beach (177) dog runs out and in, a wave surprises the cameraman (178) massive waves pound the shore (179) walking low among watersmoothed stones (180) 3 crows lift off and land (181) eddie, bruce and shannon backlit in doorway (182) bruce gray experiemnts with his camera's sound effects, connie walker looms into view (183) walking across driftlogs on a dry sunny day (184) where the river meets the sea (185) backstepping away from encroaching waves (186) dog digging, heavy breathing (187) giant crab attacks bruce gray–"here it comes!" (188) red-shirted man escapes another crab incursion (filmed by bruce gray) (189) hapless couple harassed by crab, every man for himself (filmed by bruce gray) (190) APR 7, steven pemba applies mud to newly levelled ceiling, dr. bob's bedroom, queen anne (191) floating out the skim coat with a 12" knife (192) APR 8, spinning a floating bowl in the bathtub, two legs (193) same bowl, different direction, lens blurry with condensation (194) APR 9, smashing through plaster and lath with prybar, dr. bob's (195) steven pemba hops down dr. bob's steps (196) skatewheel spins to a stop (197) homemade swords and shields for sale at child's sidewalk "knight shop", ballard (198) APR 10, inexplicably, 2 USA fighter jets buzz queen anne (199) arne pihl does a little dance (200) anna the german shepherd laps noisily from a toilet (201) APR 11, synchronized cigarette ash tap, fremont & nickerson ave (202) sequoia circumference, 35th and dayton, fremont  (203) APR 12, miso's lipsmacking catfood taste test (204) bill horist twiddles digital delay pedal, 3955-c fremont ave (205) bill horist and kitchen table noise tool array (206) APR 13, lisa hornfeck sweeps, bill horist washes dishes (207) fremont sunday market red rubber yo-yo man TRACK FOUR (208) the banality of traffic, looking up fremont ave from 34th st (209) miso quick sidewalk flop, evanston ave (210) cloesup miso lapping rainpuddle (211) APR 14, leafshadow, birdsong, whitenoise (212) steven pemba with pushbroom (213) again, from below (214) APR 15, astroskulldog screensaver, jaded house, 45th and 1st, fremont (215) APR 16 2003, spraying paintroller clean, drops lit by sun, dr. bob's house (216) coffee cup closeup as arne pihl deconstructs conspiracy theories at beth's cafe, 7311 aurora ave n–"people kinda do stuff" (217) APR 19, old-fashioned pushmower whirling blade closeup, dr. lynn's house, wallingford (218) sarah kavage pushin' it real good (219) APR 20, junk drawer reorganization, steven jesse bernstein "prison" in background (220) incense smoke curls against orange plastic seat (221) more smoke (222) APR 21, pushing the needle to 200 (223) APR 22, sam the floorer pounds brazilian cherrywood tight and right, dr. bob's remodel (224) ticket carousel through louvred glass, red mill burgers, magnolia–"randy" (225) APR 25, routing groove into hardwoord floorboard (226) APR 26, shopping cart wheels, segway (converted safeway supermarket), 5701 22nd ave nw (227) contrail divides the sky–"for me my shadow work started with, with the breakup of my parents..." (228) APR 27, a lot of ants (229) more ants (accidental repeat) (230) 6 more legs, 3 joggers pass kaosami thai (231) bicycle glides to stop (232) japanese cel phone hula hooper, steven pemba's going away party at robin worley's, fremont (233) dave benham and steven pemba (234) anna mccormick focuses (235) andrea hurls scoopball–"oh no!" (236) andrea drops scoopball–"ooh!" (237) little dog with big teeth attacks camera (238) pushing yellow whiffle ball across lawn (239) spinning red disc against clear sky (240) APR 28, fremont drawbridge rising as seen from high on hwy 99 (241) chopsaw seeks notch (242) steven pemba gets ready to hammer staple floorboard (243) another minor adjustment (244) APR 29, ant sea in front of fremont fine arts foundry–"we are the ants" (245) they look like ants from up here (246) sarah kavage through a waterglass–"alcoholics" (247) APR 30, steven pemba aims laser at camera (248) 5-pointed green leaves in the breeze (249) MAY 2, steven pemba pumps alumapole jack scaffold, dr. bob's (250) arne and steven pump it (251) going up (252) spray foam runs out (253) MAY 3, stocking beer cooler at bruce & connie's annual kentucky derby party, 3209 36th ave so (254) matt & beth's dog friday (255) MAY 7, mike dill planing stairwood, dr. bob's (256) arne pihl powersanding new hardwood floor (257) construction site walkthrough–"when i was with that band that was really good" (258) sweeping debris off new stairs (259) "eclectolounge" poetry/film/music ensemble at scarlet tree, #105 on screen, 6521 roosevelt way ne (260) reciprocating saw removing divider after performance, scarlet tree (261) MAY 8, forkflip in parking garage (262) large barge daily gravel delivery, ship canal, fremont (263) MAY 9, sunny, looking up at leafy leaves (264) king street station, waiting to board southbound west coast starlighter (265) elegant people board train to afterlife (266) crossing columbia river into portland (267) freight train acceleration (268) continually running water fountain, portland, OR (269) happy cat on its back (270) sarah kavage displays awesome dexterity with red straws (271) MAY 10, riding no-hands, birds chirp, portland (272) city repair sunflower mural, se 33rd & yamhill, portland, OR (273) a longer view of community action (274) city repair labyrinth brick-painting, se 19th & washington (275) paintsponge on handle, abstract dj in background–"this is so cool!" (276) 8 people painting the street, city council changed the law to allow this (277) smokey the cat lives life on leash and tether in fenced yard (278) self-portrait with winecup and freight cars, south again TRACK FIVE (279) man sitting very still in sightseer lounge (280) mom pursues sleevebiting child, men turn to watch her pass (281) no smoking on west coast amtrak, station stop cigarette break, cel phone gal wants a drag (282) ed in cafe car sings a sentimental song (283) oregon evergreens pass slowly in silhouette–"how ya doin', man? your name's rob?" (284) ed talks in half-sleep, unsmoked marlboros litter the table (285) slow tabletop survey, chip bag, lighter, screwdriver, cigarettes (286) MAY 11, shadow of old couple having breakfast (287) deeper shadow, bearded man in baseball cap, trees pass, fade to black (288) sarah kavage's poised pen, she looks out the window instead (289) dead trucks, junkyard (290) sunlight flickers through twirling green paper toothpick parasol (291) white pickup passes amtrak transfer bus on cracked highway, southern california (292) sarah kavage unfolds a sweater from the overhead (293) black cat stuck on hot white roof, amtrak station–"meow!" (294) sarah kavage chewing, waiting for train (295) train arrives, clanging bell (296) departure announcements, railbed scrolls by from south to north (297) woman put off train trudges back toward station (298) self-portrait spinning in empty snack car–"dee dee dee..." (299) long rows of monoculture agribusiness, california (300) sarah kavage flaps her lips (301) lines of convergence, precisely planted crops (302) breakdancers busking near LA union station (303) bubbly lighted fountain, union station (304) white and blue fountain tiles, sound of water (305) a clear sheen of water, yellow and green–"no. actually, i'm from new york" (306) releasing air from empty hornito's bottle by underwater pool light, motel pool, palm springs, CA (307) MAY 12, the morning after, hose trickles into motel swimming pool (308) sarah kavage lounging poolside, a green and blue mood (309) tamra myers, blue bikini, blue umbrella (310) arne pihl and tamra myers mount steps to their room (311) arne pihl prone (312) arne pihl open-eyed underwater (313) sun reflection, dripping hose shadow, ripples move through water (314) tamra myers swims by underwater (315) stunned winged insect floats (316) revived insect swims for life (317) rescued insect dries wings poolside, crawls away (318) sarah kavage breathless in bikini (319) sarah floats wearing yellow shades (320) cruisin' palm springs palms to a reggae beat, amado rd (321) sarah kavage models thrift store trenchcoat to toy keyboard dog and frog chorus (322) yellow, red, blue and green buttons on white toy keyboard, quacks and barks (323) wind farm outside palm springs, CA (324) MAY 13, arne pihl tying knot in tree at greg lundgren and iris stevenson's 30-acre yucca valley property (325) hammering loose boards on rocky desert deck, camera jumps with each impact (326) higher view of naildriving (327) sarah kavage squeezes out sunblock (328) sarah kavage applies sunblock to face (329) greg lundgren locks his shipping container (330) flowering cactus, yucca valley TRACK SIX (331) bee buzzes off pink flower (332) a line of ants (333) peppers drop in campstove frying potatoes (334) chopping peppers with spoon (335) camera replay of previous potato stirring while potato stirring continues anew (336) arne pihl opens beer bottle with teeth (337) MAY 14, playing scrabble–hoax tanks sit (338) arne pihl opens beer bottle with teeth (339) arne pihl opens beer bottle with teeth (340) suicide shadow (341) squirt gun war (342) arne pihl opens beer bottle with teeth (343) arne pihl naps next to green gun (344) 360 rocky landscape (345) sarah kavage seen through tent opening–"really?" (346) sarah kavage unzips tent and enters (347) arne pihl pumps air rifle and aims at camera–"no!" (348) MAY 15, dm hoyt spins by in desert waterpark innertube (349) waterpark waterfall (350) big splash past giant plastic surfer (351) palm springs street craft fair–"tiny bubbles..." (352) MAY 16, running along double yellow roadstripes, joshua tree national park (353) penny chasing (354) privy door clicks shut (355) climbing rocks at joshua tree national park (356) contrail diagonal sky divide (357) dm hoyt through binoculars (358) shadow of heidi metz smoking (359) shaking a water bottle (360) low angle walkby of 9 people hiking (361) carter's distended shadow (362) worm's eye view of hiking boots (363) cholla cacti (364) greg lundgren navigates, iris stevenson drives (365) long walk across supermarket parking lot, birdsong and traffic noise (366) empty PBR can bb gun assassination (367) MAY 17, red and black ants enter and exit, native chants (368) palm springs amtrak station among wind dynamo array (369) greg lundgren looks both ways, yucca valley (370) greg lundgren pumps, aims, fires, etc. (371) steven stone pumps and shoots (372) MAY 18, LA union station waiting room, woman in red shoes (373) LA river, a concrete trough (374) women laughing in amtrak cafe car (375) trees and sunlight, bleed to white (376) sitting woman asleep on her arm (377) MAY 19, mountains and trees, trees dying mysteriously (378) car keeps pace with train (379) woman walks dog across warehouse trainyard (380) herky-jerky view of passing green-gold trees (381) a long line of freight cars slowly picks up speed (382) passing through the backside of industry, parking lots and stoplights (383) scrap metal train (384) view from back of train, countryside receding (385) receding rails closeup, they seem to be moving forward (386) double sun on shining rails (387) looking up at train trestle superstructure, lisping conductor (388) MAY 20, sam circular sanding hardwood floor border, back in seattle (389) jumbo jet passes overhead (390) banging out a shopvac filter stuffed with drywall dust (391) sam vacuums himself after a day of sanding (392) MAY 22, man with pick expanding rocky ditch, fremont TRACK SEVEN (393) master mechanic handsaw cutting a board (394) miso mesmerized by unseen moving finger (395) chopping greens with poor knife technique (shot by lisa hornfeck) (396) MAY 23, revealing and spinning one of jesse paul miller's cast resin records (397) the same record, again (398) man on cel phone in red SUV waiting for ferry as jesse paul miller speaks, downtown terminal (399) jesse the smiling smoker (400) young girl dribbles soccer ball across parking lot (401) toddler's tentative steps, alarm bell rings (402) jesse paul miller manipulates ferromagnetic audio cassette with handheld player (403) manually rewinding tape with pencil, it flies onto car hood (404) man in yellow shirt standing on moving ferry with space needle in background (405) child flounces by (406) seagull glides (407) dark silhoettes among lush flora, bainbridge island, WA (408) jesse paul miller–"i am a popular subject" (409) self-portrait with beer (shot by jesse paul miller) (410) velvety blue water rushes by like liquid candy (411) distant smoke rising into a still afternoon (412) groundlevel view of small white dog running (413) camera thrown high in air turns slow circle, descends into waiting hands (414) strange music, people mill on expansive lawn (415) blue dusk over tide pool (416) rich lehl and jesse paul miller on screaming grass blades (417) burning book (418) MAY 24, predawn light after being up all night, bainbridge island (419) pissing on campfire embers (420) thousands of gassed tent caterpillars hang dead from tree branch (421) camera scrapes electic bass strings, sound processed through digital delay and smokey amp (422) vietnamese style coffee drips at than bros. pho, 7714 aurora ave n (423) view of cars coming and going in mirror (424) MAY 27, protective paper rolls up to reveal new hardwood floor at dr. bob's (425) another view of same (426) quicker this time (427) dr. bob's shadow gives relationship advice–"...the biology's not there for her" (428) sunlit spider retreats from center of perfect web (429) arne pihl talks to dr. bob about sam the floorer, lifts a beer (430) man eats ice cream cone while waiting for ferry (MAY 23 2003–for some reason this one is out of chronological order) (431) MAY 28, scraping flaking paint off old door with a razor (432) lunchstop at gordo's, 6226 seaview ave nw–"fish sandwich? no way!" (433) steven pemba checks his order, gordo's (434) arne pihl bites into bacon cheesedog (435) steve pemba wards off paparazzi–"fuck you!" (436) big ship, puget sound, olympic mountains, pilings (437) metro bus electric power cables (438) tractor trailer truck turns left (439) bicycle in truck sideview mirror (440) steven pemba sets a beltsander in motion, dr. bob's (441) crashing a passenger jet by turning camera sideways (442) unrolling rosin paper to protect hardwood floor (443) newly hatched spiders spread across window (444) MAY 29, driving north across aurora bridge (445) putting money in the tip jar, paseo, 4225 fremont ave n (446) droptop driveby (447) looking up through passing trees (448) self-portrait with spinning door, dr. bob's back deck (449) spinning self-portrait with safety gear (450) high prop plane (451) redhead bicyclist glimpse (452) arne pihl enters his fremont apt TRACK EIGHT (453) driveby of man taking photo (454) shadow rolling up pedestrian overpass steps (455) automobile ballet in u. district, 15th ave e & ne campus pkwy (456) covert film of james turrell exhibit at henry art gallery, UW (457) inside turrell's "spread," a large blue-lit room where reflected light at the far end forms the illusion of a solid wall (458) stepping out, like temple steps (459) blonde woman walks underby (460) arne pihl catches football while speaking on cel phone (461) jesse paul miller cel phones linda peschong (462) cloud wisps (463) MAY 30, self check-out at fred meyer, 915 nw 45th st (464) jittery view of check-out machine–"thank you for shopping at fred meyer" (465) surveillance under surveillance (466) peace pedaler negotiates railroad tracks (467) gold bicycle, crank and chain, white lines (468) colorful toilet entry, segway (469) laura weedman tech check for 1st weapons of mass distraction independent media fundraiser (470) red felt pocket pool at george and dragon pub, 206 n 36th st (471) break (472) creation of "unreadable books" series, spraypainting damien omen II (473) drilling holes for steel stitches in cat people (474) stuffing men against the sea in a jar of water (475) pounding large staples into kings of cocaine (476) sawing conan the barbarian in half (477) top view of sawing, arnold schwarzenegger on the cover (478) gutting psycho II (479) nailing 4 books together (480) dipping benji in a can of white paint (481) jessica x ices the cake, i.e., slathers a television with petroleum jelly (482) strolling view of weapons of mass distraction set-up (483) another angle (484) closeup of movie theater popcorn popper–"watch out for the oil is the only thing" (485) view of tv sitcom through small vaseline window (486) shadow of spinning kinetic sculpture (487) optical illusion of motion similar to zoetrope (488) jesse paul miller and linda peschong's 8 and 16 mm movie collage (489) spinning reel, clacking projector (490) looking into the bulb as it dies (491) vaseline, gumdrops, and a tv blonde (492) arne pihl reads a poem next to film projections (493) more of linda and jesse's movies (494) black screen, mysterious rattle (495) otha major, beat box par excellence (496) JUN 1, jesse paul miller slips a record into a crisp plastic sleeve, his booth, fremont sunday market (497) grabbing at a young girl's sandwich (498) pong i sold–"bleep" (499) steering an airliner by turning the camera (500) fire performers carry a comically long scrim into the segway (501) JUN 2, steven pemba handsanding drywall, dr. bob's TRACK NINE (502) tent caterpillars twisting in tree, plague year (503) peace pedaler beginning to show signs of wear, burke-gilman trail, fremont (504) peace pedaler in pursuit of two joggers (505) JUN 3, incense smoke (506) sidewalkin', size 10.5 feet in 13 shoes (507) quick release front wheel rolls down patchy pavement (508) distant large jet slowly crosses clear sky (509) JUN 4, utility poles and wires, windshield's blue tinting (510) child approaches water at alki beach, west seattle (511) lines of breaking waves moving sideways (512) sunlight sparkles in clear salt water (513) another eclectolounge performance at the scarlet tree, lots of scratchin' (514) more scarlet tree screeners (515) another coffee cup close-up latenight beth's cafe conversation (516) a touch of coffee cup (517) young beauty seats herself at counter and smiles (518) convex mirror spins to stop on tabletop (519) bubbles in coffee slowly burst (520) JUN 5, interpreting the media, family magazine cover story (521) passing under bright red leaves (522) brief distant passing view of once great kalakala art deco ferry shortly before it was sold to a gambling promoter (523) speeding beneath the space where trees almost meet above the middle of the road (524) looking down the shiny interior of 5-inch diameter gas furnace vent pipe (525) drumming on vent pipe, dark and light (526) steven pemba rinsing something, dr. bob's back door (527) pneumatic palm nailer (528) trees, wires, cars, poles (529) jumpin' jackasses, robert zverina and arne pihl (530) approaching downtown seattle in a motor vehicle (531) looking up at monorail tracks and tall round buildings, 5th ave–"oh, a rolex!" (532) street level view (533) low view of passing metro bus (534) man brings hands together, minor ave (535) jumping into greg and iris's condo pool (camera died shortly thereafter) (536) movement of water and sunlight (537) pink band between residential buildings (538) beguiling chlorinated water (539) JUN 7, waves lap rocky shore, mt. baker beach, lake washington (using bruce gray's 15 frames per second canon digital camera, not as smooth as 20fps canon s200 being repaired after getting it wet on JUN 5) (540) boys hang from lakeside tree, bruce gray passes quickly (541) sarah kavage stands and waves thigh-deep in the lake (542) sarah kavage, connie walker, bruce gray wade into the lake (543) connie walker, sarah kavage, bruce gray (544) connie walker and sarah kavage (545) wavelets describe perfect sine waves against pebbly shore (546) two people obscurely reflected in shimmering silverblue water (547) swimming children yank at overhanging branches (548) connie walker, bruce gray, and sarah kavage waistdeep (549) gentle rollers filmed sideways (550) sarah kavage, bruce gray, and connie walker, upside down in the water (551) sideways waves, crests bands of white light, ripples encroach from the shore, frequency increases (552) floatplane recedes in the distance TRACK TEN (553) blue, indigo, white, purple, silver waves (554) 2 pairs of sandaled feet step onto stony shore (555) connie walker and sarah kavage reflected walking across grassy puddle (556) sarah kavage dries her pits with a towel (557) another attempted airliner crash, some leaves ruin the effect (558) riding a red cruiser on grass (559) birds, maybe bats, flap swiftly past (560) boy throws stones in direction of submerging friend (561) cool fresh water rolls to top of screen, hammered pewter texture (562) two swimmers surfacing (563) pale grayhair coaxes white poodle into water (564) grayhair wades in awkwardly, poodle unconvinced (565) man moving with lake's motion (566) low altitude flyby of grassy landing (567) spinning upview of tall green trees (568) boy calls for rescue of lakefloating football (569) young woman in bikini enters lake, retrieves ball, tosses it ashore, splashes her friend, exits (570) bruce gray and his army of trained caterpillars [the lost month–under warranty camera takes 5 weeks to fix] (571) JUL 7, man in red tanktop pulls 4 guinnesses at mr. spot's chai house monday night poetry reading, 5463 leary way (572) chaosmosis performs, snowball fight home movie–"the enemy of my enemy is my friend" (573) poet and music provider–"old men start wars, young men fight them" (574) film of toddler in painted gasmask (575) black and blue marina water at dusk, shilshole (576) pissing into black water–"uh-oh, is this cool? you've never done it?" (577) if ceilings were made of water (578) pink sunset over puget sound and olympic mountains, seagulls squawk (579) looking up at a building, whistling at seagulls, amp being plugged in at jason glover's (580) jesse paul miller turns missionary hand-crank cassette player (581) arne pihl bobs and weaves while listening to cel phone (582) shredding paper shredder instruction manual (583) JUL 8, great unsolved crimes being chopped in a blender (584) more pages being pureed (585) ducky eats bread, curvy steps near ship canal, fremont (586) duck ventriloquist (587) car alarm shuts off (588) bruce gray wipes sadie gray, aged one day–"this first stuff is all like tar" (589) swedish medical center wall of fame, ballard (590) JUL 9, shadow of man pressure-washing box-like building, fremont (591) long view of pressure-washing man on lift and his shadow (592) lee the painter wrote kill arne, dr. bob's remodel (593) in-dash cd player display (594) sunlight on pants flashes white, blue (595) arne pihl unlocks and enters his fremont apartment (596) JUL 10, CD jukebox under repair at pacific inn (597) anthropomorphic jukebox takes CD from its mouth and lays it down (598) jukebox arm lifts CD to mouth (599) bright sun over puget sound looks like mushroom cloud, golden gardens (600) man with metal detector backsteps, maybe he's found something? (601) man picks up wind-blown hat, dog on leash (602) squeezing a sparks can, orange foam from mouth (603) passing camera over khaki lap TRACK ELEVEN (604) sailing flotilla makes for port (605) large flapping bird in yellow light against blue sky (606) a toddler with milk bottle is grabbed before going over the edge (607) styrofoam cup and lipsticked straw in chrystya uldrikis' white safari van (608) squeaking windshield wipers of steven pemba's 1976 chevy van–"look at those windshield wipers go!" (609) JUL 11, steven pemba airnailing ceiling trim (610) lake union all ashimmer as seen from high on aurora bridge (611) 10-speed wheel and red brake cable rolling down aurora bridge sidewalk north (612) greg lundgren and dm hoyt double up on a bicycle (613) wriststrap admittance to henry art gallery gala james turrell "skyspace" opening (614) firespinners (a common sight in seattle) (615) polite spectators in semidark (616) top 40 hip-hop cabride through hwy 99 tunnel going north (617) JUL 13, rinsing a plate (618) stopping to document the flowers (619) JUL 14, arne pihl tapes a window prior to removal, dr. bob's remodel (620) steven pemba and arne pihl remove dining room window (621) steven trims opening with reciprocating saw (622) windows 98 hard disc defragmentation progress (623) defragmentation status view (624) JUL 15, the typing explosion performs at harborview psych ward (625) typing explosion ring furiously for tardy poem recipient sarah kavage (626) high angle on minor typing adjustments (627) JUL 16, overexposed upside down top view of motor yacht passing through (628) steven pemba applies hot mud alongside replacement window (629) orbital sander stroboscopically spins to stop (630) overexposed sailboat motors down through frame (631) looking down on 34th st from aurora bridge, hwy 99 (632) approaching two crows cawing on alley wire, they take flight (633) self-portrait as borracho (634) sucking the bubbler (635) JUL 17, fingering WASH on a filthy automobile wheel rim (636) steven pemba tries to squeeze a back zit–"i don't see anything popping" (637) pemba smooths hot mud (638) pemba demonstrates 12" knife technique (639) total fakie (640) JUL 18, electronic darts and beer lift, targy's, 600 w crockett (641) upside down I-5 at night en route to vancouver, BC (642) JUL 19, hedgehog munches grub, vancouver (643) sunbleached pulltab advertisement (644) dead crab pushed this way and that by currents (645) hatted person wades ashore with cargo ship in background, wreck beach (646) 4 hands wrangle twisted boat rope (647) JUL 20, light patterns on bottom of residential highrise pool (648) steven pemba treads water (649) sunlight under water (650) topflite 3 tennis ball floating in cerulean pool (651) 4 hops of tennis ball bouncing down concrete stairs (652) steven pemba playing wally ball in elevator TRACK TWELVE (653) self-portrait as offduty drywaller walking up alley to marketime grocery store, fremont (654) the hissing of summer lawns (655) strobelight and showertile peace sign shadow (656) adria garcia in kitchen with cigarette and american flag handfan (657) adria garcia and craig chambers audtion for german shower film director–"this is art" (658) JUL 22, low view of 6-lane bidirectional traffic, aurora bridge (659) JUL 23, peace pedaler has really taken a beating, pursued by dog, shadows of trees on burke-gilman trail, fremont (660) low angle self-portrait with peace pedaler (661) JUL 24, worker drops plywood beside honey bucket (662) brilliant light plays on lake union (663) covert glimpse of lord of the rings videogame development glitch, floating sword (664) JUL 25, sarah kavage pumping patched flat, ballard (665) shadow of 10-speed racing through west seattle to fauntleroy ferry (666) driving a spike into the heart of earth, sarah's hands twist tentstake by flashlight, kitsap peninsula, near port orchard–"this ground is hard" (667) JUL 26, picking blackberries (668) ferry wake as seen upside down (669) soaring seagull ascends into sunlight (670) JUL 27, pimpin' steven pemba counts out the green (671) pumpin' steven pemba–"pump it!" (672) rolling degreaser down wooden handrail (673) sarah kavage transforms pink pants into cut-off shorts (674) spinning squared-off "obsolete" compact disc canalside with interesting stroboscopic retrograde motion effect (675) sarah kavage carrying a 4x8 pressboard sheet (676) salmon swimming upstream at fish ladder, chittendon locks, ballard (677) pimpin' steven pemba flashes the green (678) JUL 29, ceiling roller applying white primer (679) JUL 30, board's-eye view of feeding plywood to tablesaw (680) shadow of slowly turning front bicycle wheel with reflector (681) top view of dog running back and forth in lakeside waves (682) upside down lumpy water, lake washington (683) closeup sideways view of blue lake water (684) more upside down lumpy water (685) JUL 31, bradley weisner makes a rainbow with his pressurewasher (686) shadows on unfinished windowsill of water dripping down glass (687) two overlapping sanding screens (688) scrolling video game credits, neil young in background, targy's, queen anne (689) yellow-green fireman and laughing guy on videogame (690) red dots of "zipper" style scrolling text LED sign (691) more amusement only anti-drug propaganda (692) high view of scrolling video game text (693) AUG 1, video mess and background laughter (694) highway interchange, man crosses illegally (695) dead baby downhill race announcers–"so, you've been thinking about us" (696) dead baby downhill departs beacon hill pub (697) rolling down highway portion of race route (698) kathy kim and brandy wigger like to party (699) AUG 2, sarah kavage in sideview mirror, automobile reverses, san juan island (700) 2 fat hogs burble past (701) mother and infant dance to fiddle beneath a tree, east sound, orcas island (702) low-budget extreme BMX bike video snippet (703) AUG 3, sarah kavage preparing cornbread, gnome home, orcas island (704) slowly turning an empty green nalgene (705) skin and water, hot tub conversation regarding islam, sex, and revenge killing TRACK THIRTEEN (706) still life with schmidt's can–"we could open one present on christmas eve" (707) AUG 4, art collaboration with sarah kavage for "plus one" exhibition, applying joint compound to photo/painting of fuck-you finger with penis head tip (708) miso licks her left foreleg (709) AUG 5, sarah kavage xerox transfers her drawing to drywalled panel (710) AUG 6, kinetic sculpture on display at COCA, 1420 11th ave (711) jesse paul miller projects automobile movie onto palm of hand (712) shadow of kinetic sculpture puppets (713) chris mcmullen's hammering machine (714) kinetic sculpture puppet lifting skirt (715) segmented scrolling landscape (716) elise works a theremin (717) wind-up monkey clangs cymbals (718) robie the robot bank eats a quarter (719) AUG 7, george bush paper scroll at plus one art show, luscious gallery, 321 3rd ave s (720) steven pemba slaloms traffic cones on tommy the huffy cruiser, westlake ave (721) steven pemba sands away the top layer of hidden painting–"that's a lot of mud, man" (722) dylan neuwirth fingers his trademark "resist" in drywall dust beneath painting (723) AUG 8, brian henderson silkscreens SLOW on the back of a t-shirt (724) AUG 9, customer flipping through record bin at home sale–"i have some bee gees, too." (725) adria garcia dancing in living room to 1970's israeli pop record (726) craig chambers rehearses for meeting adria garcia's parents (727) sidewalk drum machine and digital effects pedal jam, fremont fine arts foundry (728) black screen, phat beat, abstract singing (729) afrobeat (730) AUG 10, anna banana models a majorette's hat outside her pretty parlor, 6729 greenwood ave n (731) the lights at sunset tavern, 5433 ballard ave nw (732) matt ford drumming with the intelligence, sunset tavern (733) intelligence vocal refrain (734) AUG 12, peeling up protective cardboard, dr. bob's remodel (735) rolling up a big cardboard burrito (736) peeling up white masking tape (737) scraping the residue (never use white tape for masking) (738) camera placed on floor buffer as it moves around newly floored room (739) large boat drives through intersection (740) AUG 13, steven pemba muds an arch (741) taping the rounded corner for a tight edge (742) sucking up red fruit pulp through a yellowgreen straw, pasta freska, 1515 westlake ave n (743) steven pemba picks up pneumatic finishing nails, dr. bob's garage (744) arne pihl dangling behind stove making clunking adjustments (745) pee bubbles dissipating (746) AUG 14, chopping wood cubes for homemade dice, sawdust in sunlight (747) steven pemba applies skim coat to refinished wall (748) steven pemba belt-sanding a door (749) lee rude applies first coat of mocha to dr. bob's dining room (750) close-up of teeth opening beer bottle (751) AUG 15, plastic astronaut dangles in front of world trade center explosion photo (752) plastic sheeting sways above red car in parking garage (753) man rolling garbage can down access ramp, adobe complex, 801 n 34th st TRACK FOURTEEN (754) sweet home alabama on the juke at slugger's, 539 occidental ave s (755) matt foster buys a $2 bag of peanuts on his way to Mariners baseball game (756) peanut vendor inside the stadium–"peanuts 3.50 please" (757) elated crowd after ichiro suzuki grand slam (758) AUG 16, warped sound effects record on stanton str8-50 turntable–"sounds are all around us" (759) turntable pitch adjustment strobe, b-52s play (760) AUG 17, sam scharf demonstrates a $500 couch-a-table, fremont sunday market (761) AUG 18, slow scan progress, 21% and counting (762) laptop keystrokes (763) AUG 19, quickly passing leaves (764) shadow of translucent pink beaded curtain (765) AUG 20, pacific inn bar tv airpress massager commercial, 1-800-567-9955 (766) long honk outside of PI–"what an asshole" (767) computer malfunction (768) ranting at CD burner software assistant (769) looking down on hwy 99 from 41st pedestrian overpass (770) small bird trapped inside mighty-o donut shop (771) pouring a glass of water with camera under bottom of glass looking up (772) AUG 21 2003, spinning 2 LPs with one hand (773) nigel the brown dog lapping thirstily, electric organ in background (774) brown bear car wash late at night, 3977 leary way nw (775) circling the 7-11 gas pumps on bicycle, 3950 leary way nw (776) self-portrait as latenight drunk, matt ford's house (777) black screen, arne pihl snores as someone plays piano (778) AUG 22, cars enter I-90 tunnel west (779) bicycling east across I-90 floating bridge while singing la marseilles (780) mike bikes sideways (781) rubber wheels hum over steel grate (782) riding no-hands to gw bush protest in bellevue (783) stop bush gathering at busy intersection, signs and chanting (784) passing cars honk their support, demonstrator flashes peace sign (785) a large articulated machine makes short work of roadside blackberries (786) someone walking a lonely suburban road (787) looking down on lake washington shore from west end of I-90 bridge (788) riding no-hands and hooting through echo-y I-90 trail bike tunnel (789) AUG 23, typing directly on carbon for want of a ribbon (790) using a pruning saw to trim a board, the saw slips and punctures the camera (camera continues to function until october 4) (791) closing credit, self-portrait by strobelight in shower room wearing skullmask (792) whoops, it turns out there's only 791. i've been mistaken all along. TRACK FIFTEEN text credits and acknowledgements. thank you, jesse paul miller & james culbertson!