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November 3, 2004

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click for more better maps Even if you believe the vote count was accurate (it wasn't), there's no reason to swallow this nonsense about one-state two-state, red-state blue-state. Red and blue make purple, and that's what we are. Purple haze, purple rain, a government by and for the purple. Imagine if every voter painted his/her face the color of his/her presidential choice and then stood outside and looked up for a nationwide satellite photograph. Do you know what you'd see? Probably not purple, because even all those 100,000,000 red and blue painted faces would not be enough to register to an eye-in-the-sky vantage. You see, we are as microbes on a rotting apple. And yes, like microbes, we can cause death to a system. Especially when each microbe adopts a nearly impermeable shell which emits suffocating toxins into its environment. Daily action counts more than quadrennial election spectacle. You vote at the pump. red with anger, blue with sorrow