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                October 16, 2004

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the shit i saw in baltimore was kidstuff compared to this--
a strange chemical membrane on gowanus canal, like liquid
mirror in places, rainbows and ice floes (look similar). it
stung my eyes and tickled my throat. sarah and john paddled--
i sat in the middle, barking orders and being a pain in the ass--
past rusting barges, subsiding bulkheads, rock crushers,
cement yards, cargo cranes, draw bridges, train trestles,
billowing tarps, floating bottles, jellyfish condoms, and other
and yakkers (kayak paddlers) on this oktoberfest
celebration held by the Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club.
sarah used to live around here. in the evening we had
dinner at jane and charlie's down on hubert street. jane makes
cool dreamy paintings on carpet, charlie directed wildstyle.
we ate olives, sun dried tomatoes, bread, cheese, pasta,
spanish wine and delicious pie. i put on some home movies
and somehow we sat through all 2.33 hours--which is easy
enough to do because they don't require undivided attention.
we stayed till midnight then tried to hook up with debbie on
the upper west side for a birthday celebration at a high-priced
cocktail bar. $18 for a double vodka tonic! $13 for a martini!
well, it did have a nice atmosphere, and i gotta say nyc's new
no smoking policy in bars and restaurants seems a good idea.