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October 9, 2004

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lucky loser, the ladies' man Video games are fun. I played them as a kid, then briefly in college. They've come a long way since. The nice thing about EA Sports Fight Night is you can create your own boxer-- name, body type, facial features. I tried to make Lucky Loser, the Ladies' Man from Belgash, Kazakhstan, grotesque but he came out kind of pretty, all his attributes maxed to the right except for his nose, which I made narrow (left on the dial). He is my proudest creation and he's developed a small cult following here. I wonder how he sleeps in the machine, what shape his 1's and 0's take when the Xbox is turned off. Pleasant dreams. lucky loser, the ladies' man lucky loser, the ladies' man
p.s. I feel compelled to mention that we're doing more than watching TV and playing video games here in Charelston, SC. Despite the clouds and threat of rain, we went down to Folly Beach. Waves were breaking, foam was blowing, and the first few drops fell as soon as we got in. It really started to pour once we got back to the car. I felt invigorated, was considering getting laser surgery on my nearsighted eyes so I could get an aquatics job at some island paradise when I realized I'd left my glasses behind (who needs 'em?). Ran back to the beach, found my glasses in the sand, then stood knee-deep in the breakers, pelted by warm hard rain, arms up exulting as the storm washed the salt off my body. To be one with the ocean was why I came.

Everything else was just stops on the way.
blowin' foam at folly beach