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October 5, 2004

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The retired divorced sports fan talks up anyone who'll sit still long enough to listen. I'm not listening, I'm eavesdropping--there's a difference. The people he traps into listening are victims; I'm just an earwitness.The elderly couple he's caught this time are patient but look around, as if seeking an escape route from the lounge car.

The husband of the couple says he used to show up for work an hour early so he could have time to enjoy his coffee. The bore says for some reason he never liked getting out of bed. That much makes sense. He also says he never liked answering the phone. It sounds like he and his former wife used to argue about it. She'd say, What if it's someone offering you a million dollars? He reasoned that if it really was a contest they'd call back; if a million dollars was at stake, they'd try again. Now he's divorced. Does anyone call? Now he's retired. He sleeps in long after late nights of watching sports.