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August 8, 2004

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otter cove



i'm lucky. look where i am (was, will be again).

the planet is vanishing beneath rust, roads,
lots, trash and plastic; the water and air toxic;
every car you see is a death from stress & cancer.

i sat on a rock in otter cove, by a small waterfall
reduced to just a trickle in this dry season. even
so, something bright green was growing right on
the rock where the water coursed. in the past
i gave no thought to lichens and moss, would
think nothing of walking across, but suddenly
they seemed as precious as flowers--without
those first forms there would be no flowers, or a
you and me to appreciate them. open up to love,
i thought. you have to start from the ground up.

if any link breaks, the whole thing comes apart.