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July 31, 2004

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what have i been doing more than anything else this summer? measured in hours, the answer is waiting tables. so why have i not written anything on the subject? the things closest to us are the ones we most take for granted. i never served before this summer, and one of my internal fears had always been being a waiter after the age of thirty. so much for what i thought i knew then. waiting is not bad. at times i despise it--usually when coming back to it after a few days off. but once i get the groove on, working double shifts, breakfast and dinner, 13 hours a day, it becomes quite addictive--the adrenaline rush of constant motion, prioritizing on the fly and multitasking, not to mention the sublime interactions with people whether warm or cold, empathetic or unreasonably demanding, there's always something to be learned from it--especially when i think there's no more to learn. then there's the tips, and i worry about my greedy joy when i get back to my cabin and sit on the bed counting out the salad. speaking of which, this here's a picture of the remnants of one of john berry's famous organic heirloom tomato plates, not much left when i bussed it back to sink, but still enough tasty juices to slurp off the plate before soaking it. often there's no time for a meal until after all is done so we sustain ourselves with the scraps and leftovers the picky and wasteful leave for remains. it's better that way. let no food go to waste.

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