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July 4, 2004

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i have to credit john berry with the inspir-
ation for this one--a still from a short movie.
he has made some fine paintings
of rocks--falling? rising?--against
a sky. i also have to credit him
with getting me to where i am, both
physically in this time-space intersection
as well as emotionally in regards to
how i relate to others and myself.
not that he's the only one, but he has
been an exceptionally good influence
and i feel the need to give him some props.

i pretty much quit doe bay the other day
but then things worked out and i had a
change of heart, so i'm here to stay,
waiting tables evenings in the cafe for the
rest of the season. tonight we pumped
out the barcelona house music, john &
craig danced with bundles of fresh arugala.

i worked in the morning with andrea, a
mountain climber from argentina who used
to cook for cirque de soleil. we had a good
busy time serving breakfast. i had two hours
off in the afternoon, sat on the stony shore
picking out beach glass, drawings spirals,
and stacking rocks a la andy goldsworthy.

the spiders and ants kept me company.