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May 23, 2004

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Seattle done got herself a new central library, an airport stood on its side
designed by Rem Koolhaas, millions of dollars well-spent, though due to
bookkeeping exigencies, chances are it will be shut down for a week or two
before too long because, though a bond issue passed for construction, there's
still not enough operational money to pay the staff 52 weeks a year, so we've
been getting by on 50. still, at least the library is pretty, a celebration of light
and wide open interior spaces. compare this to the futile congealed goo that
is the EMP, an architectural wankoff if ever there was one. not only are its
broad curved windowless planes of metal completely uninviting, but its Sky
Church performance space wins the award for most painful venue to see a
show--flat concrete floor, high stage, and lousy acoustics make for a frustrating
experience. why am i so angry at that stupid building? maybe because it was
backed by the same philistine who snookered seattle taxpayers out of millions
to line his own pockets with a privately-held sports stadium--Safeco Field--which,
while lovely as ballparks go, is nothing but a monument to greed and self-interest.
bread and circuses, baby. pro sports is organized crime, as evidenced by the
current US president, who made his first millions brokering shady deals in Texas.
oh, indignation aside, it was a lovely afternoon biking to the library with sarah.... 

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