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April 30, 2004

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click for flic! some days are more eventful than others. this morning, my business partner and i decided on a house and confirmed with the realtor our intent to buy. then i took a long walk to the printshop where i picked up 880 sweet PoD little yellow cameraman stickers. each is about two inches high, cut to shape on weatherproof vinyl, yours 3 for $1 by sending SASE to 3955-b fremont ave n, seattle wa 98103.      one of my favorite routes to walk is along the botic river which by the time it gets to my neighborhood is nothing more than a concrete channel with a few inches of brownish water in it running to the vltava, but it's tree-lined and carfree, a great place for city kids to fuck around in an approximation of nature.      one boy, maybe 10, had all his friends' attention by swinging from a pipe high above the creek. at first he was laughing as his friends were chanting he's falling, he's falling, but when he realized he couldn't get back up or across he yelled, i need help! the drop probably wouldn't have killed him, but he might've broken a leg or two, so i walked out on the pipe, reached down, pulled him up, all the while being especially careful about keeping my camera in breast pocket by not leaning over too far. he said dekuji; i said neni zac and continued strolling along.