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April 27, 2004

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most horrible dream
after reading czech
history and midnight
phonecall to sarah...

dream was of guillotine,
the bloody theater of
tyranny, each act
more gruesome than
the last, the worst was
the beautiful queen.
no one was safe, not
even her son, who dared
suggest the brutality
had gone far enough.
she approaches him:
Even a prince needs
to watch what he says.
She stabs him 40 times
--miraculously, he does
not die, staggers, hugs
her, vomits all over and
drags himself off stage.
in the actors' shower
room she congratulates
him on his star role. You
know this is your show
he says. Embracing
him under the flowing
water, she says, Yes....


on the train to kutna hora, woman holding cell phone reflected in metal between windows