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April 23, 2004

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woke up in Brevnov
the "better" side of the river
people have yards
you can hear the chickens   //
sunrise bus to Andel
i thought of Karel Kryl
(Andel is a tram stop
the word means angel
kryl has a famous song
of the same name)
so all day it played
in my head--co me ceka...?
(what waits for me, i.e., what
does the future hold?)  //
after lunch at carbusters
i stopped on a whim in
a Bazar (2nd hand shop)
and found a rare 1969
karel kryl record for 20 kC
which has the song Andel on it   //
in the evening i met Jan, solid
waste graduate student, and
some of his friends to go play
music in the woods with  fire, beer
and utter disregard for the rain   //
his friend played song after song
by Karel Kryl, including Andel   //
the topper was he had just visited
Kryl's grave in, of all places,
Brevnov, which, as you will recall,
is where i woke up today....