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March 27, 2004

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saturday morning. i had time and things i had to do, but when i have time  i want to do things other than those i have to, things less essential but more urgent. so it was i sat down with two dollar bills and started slicing them into strips. then i interpolated the strips and laminated the whole thing with packing tape. bruce called when i was in the middle of it. i haven't seen too much of him since he and connie had sadie last july 7, but connie was out of town with the kid so he came over just as i was finishing. we went to the dock, ate breakfast, drank bloodies, met azur, who brought us by one of his landscaping jobs, then to his house where we hung out in the sunny backyard, smoked, played with his housemate's dog soda, who we renamed cracker. bruce and i went to the buckaroo. i took out another couple of bucks and wove them together, upside down in relation to each other. as i was doing this 2 passersby looked in the window and wanted to know what i was doing. one came in, delighted, and told me he worked security at the showbox and i should look him up next time i went down. night was coming, time to head to jed's for an evening's rocking out. chrystya's voice was out of commission, so it turned out to be a true sausage party, with everyone switching off instruments but the basic lineup being bill spence on drums, jed murdock on guitar, dylan neuwirth on vox, and me on bass, with the addition of ed shively and ashok mudhokar taking turns on guitars and drums. the whole thing lasted 5 hours, all of it recorded straight to laptop. rock.