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March 10, 2004

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pppppppower bbbbegs ppppppower bbbbegs to
                        be to be a-a-a-bused / itz whut power ppppppower
                        do / whoo-whoo / itzitzwhutitzwhut ppppppower do
                        / baby / baby baby / baby / dont you know dont
                        you kknow dont you know what i can do? / i can
                        call in airstrikes / i can call in airstrikes /
                        i can call in airstrikes / whatchoo gonna do?
                        whatchoo gonna do? / oh, oh baby / oh oh, oh
                        baby / i love you i love you i love you spent the last few days digging out a basement--smashing concrete then digging down 14" in sandy soil to make more headroom. mostly me and jesse, tho matt ford and rick pitched in for a day each, and dylan came through at the very end to make the work disappear in one last coordinated push. jed and paul helped carry the 20-foot conveyor down many steps to the sidewalk, and arne oversaw it all. like rats in a maze, we focused on the cheese, which in this case was a keg of beer leftover from andi's art opening 13 days ago. done, we traded our shovels for 16 oz red plastic cups and sat at a trio of electric typewriters. drank too much too fast and then rick, jesse, and i went out for more at Targy's, where we drained 3 pitchers and drew on dollars, each song selected on the jukebox sounding stranger than the last heard through a filter of drunkenness. we all got home somehow and i woke to the bad dream of another hangover.