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February 1, 2004

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Naughty by Nature at the Hempstead Golf & Country Club, June 1994

It's been painful, depressing, and fun preparing for Everything and More, opening at Priceless Works Gallery this Friday, Feb 6, 6-9 pm. I'm covering every surface--walls, floor, ceiling--of a 16'x10' room with taped-together strips of snapshots (like the one at left). Where did I get them all? Well, photography is an illness I've had since about 1986. There is no cure, but the symptoms--heavy boxes of prints and negatives--were alleviated in December 1997 when I switched to digital. Still, I always wanted to do something useful with those 10,000 photos (mostly rejects). Since I couldn't come up with anything truly useful, I decided to make art. Or if not art, at least a circus sideshow-style attraction which just might induce seizures...