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January 2, 2004


spent my last buck and a quarter to get on the 5 to save some time. my coins jammed in the slot, fell through, the driver handed me my transfer and i sat down, looked at twisted tree branches against weird orange light--a seattle late morning sunrise. the bus didn't move. the light changed from red to green to red again and we'd advanced only one buslength. turns out there was ice--they had to close route 99. i got off and started to walk, looking up at the bridge thinking how much i wanted to be on it, to see its 6 lanes empty of traffic. i settled for this 5x digital zoom view. no money in my pocket, i didn't feel romantic. i wanted to buy, buy, buy. coffee, for instance. but i kept on walking. i heard one man warn a woman to avoid a certain steep street. then i saw a guy on a bicycle and thought, that's bold. then he fell down. i asked, are you all right? he just gave me a look, held up fingers--third time! i made it to work ok and by the end of the day i was really tired. i walked home and saw some good art at priceless works, then i read Maus I in the tub and the water was cold by the time i got to the end of it. now i'm writing this. but not for long. goodbye.