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December 30, 2003


ah, the pacific northwest. so good to be back home again. the train came down slowly out of the mountains where sunrise gave us a real "purple mountains' majesty" moment. a lot of snow at these altitudes, creating the illusion of a clean pristine world untainted even by color. later, we enter a short tunnel and emerge on the home stretch heading south along puget sound. so sad then to see the brown band of air pollution along the horizon (which you may or may not be able to see here, depending on your monitor). in ohio, we'd walked the dogs along a country road. a single car passed and we could smell its emissions for many minutes after. but in the city, overwhelmed, people can't gauge their indivdual impacts. smog is just a fact and has nothing to do with them. after passing some large storage tanks, we see a chemical spill hugging the shore for miles and miles, with at least two boom teams out trying to contain it. on highway 99 we witness the aftermath of an accident--sand in the road to soak up the crashed automobiles' spilled fluids. still, i take hope where i can get it--please take a look at Joe Breeze's bikes and the informative meatrix.