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October 31, 2003


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the color, the fruit.

i peeled the orange
beside garbage can
(with some difficulty,
my usual knife left
behind, taboo since 9/11
on international flights)
and ate it as rain
speckled the sidewalk
but i was out of its reach
under an eave,
back almost touching
a baroque building.
vitamin C i needed.
vitamin B --beer --
i'd had enough already.

the rain abated,
i walked on, then it
came on strong.
i waited in a passage
between stores whose
goods were invisible to me.
the sun came back
as rain continued to fall.

i rolled a cigarette.
a blind woman parted
the crowd ahead
of her and stepped
right into a puddle.

my fingernail
is stained,
just the tip,
like the dab
of red
at the
end of
her cane.

September 2, 2003
Praha, CR

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