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October 14, 2003


this picture was taken on
September 23, a typical
late summer light morning
with handwashed duds
drying on the balcony...
the dream is what i dreamt
my last night in prague...
a different dream before
... leaving is hard.
"we are evaporating,"
i wrote in a dream
quoting a movie i'd seen
in that same dream.
Babi called to be picked up
from the airport. Mom was
in need of moral support.
the whole house in Hempstead
was lifted by floodwaters.
i typed an urgent plea for help
as trees bumped against
the windows, a raging storm.
i pulled the wet paper from
the typewriter--it was torn.
"What airport?" i asked Mom.
she was confused, couldn't
answer. "JFK, NWK, LGA,"
I explained, "these are the
airports close to New York."
she couldn't say. into this mess
entered Lynn, looking beautiful
in a dress on her way to a party
for Steve Anderson.
earlier, my sister and I
had been riding a sliding
park bench downhill until
a mean kid kicked my yellow
plastic skateboard and broke it.
"we are evaporating," i wrote,
quoting, trying hard to re-
member the rest of it...