eyes bigger than stomach
eyes bigger than stomach
eyes bigger than stomach


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March 2, 2003


Since 1996, I have harbored some regret for quitting
my cushy, seasonal country club pool manager job.
It was outdoors, I taught swimming, food and drink
was provided, and I worked with nice people. But for
some reason I knew I had to get out. Volunteering tonight
at a fundraiser on the 76th floor of the Columbia Tower re-
minded me why my decision to quit was probably a soul-saver.

I don't know what it is about seeing the gap between servant
and ruling classes manifested so blatantly, but my stint as
"human photo album" quickly led to me getting drunk,
despairing, and degenerate. And I don't think I was alone.
It's just that maybe for those used to prowling the corridors
of power, those modes are status quo. It sure looked that way,
but maybe that's just Mardi Gras. Who the fuck am I to judge?

There certainly is a feeling of entitlement which comes from looking
down on it all. Decisions made at the board tables of the Tower Club
change the face of the city lying at your feet. The fundraiser tonight
was to benefit homeless teens, which is a very nice thing, but I can't
help but thinking there's irony there, somewhere, as the magnates
drink to charity and dream of their next real estate schemes...