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February 20, 2003


brutal. stupid.
i must not have a very good attitude / about work.

my back hurts.
picking through mud / for clumps of grass / the track hoe missed, / chasing blackberry roots.

how did it come to this?

even worse, this job is far / from home so i borrow / my neighbor's car. / it's seductive.
i want to eat at a drivethru. / instead: fill it up, buy gas station food.

i take a wrong turn, Welcome to Brier. / in a high valley, small houses, big fields,
looks like horse ranches and every / intersection is a four-way stop. shangri-la.

the rain comes down, a sudden deluge,
i downshift, unperturbed. i find the interstate,
head home among the headlights and
every picture i shoot comes out good.