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February 17, 2003


i'd forgotten what a bitch a hangover can be. started 4pm white wine in Thermos w/ Jesse P.M. @ the market, bought a couple of tall Sparks & stopped by Dave's for a smoke & the final 3rd of an atrocious movie (Jurassic Park 3, whose emotional climax is the sending in of the Marines--who doesn't feel relief at the sight of M16s?), 300th Simpsons episode catsitting upstairs neighbor's apt, brandy, Grand Marnier, gin & tonix out of a tall glass the 3 of us shared by the fire (back downstairs), then latenight playground antics under fool moon, big egg feast at Beth's 3:33 a.m., then up at 8 today, coffee goes down untasted, my life held together by a block of margarine, couldn't really feel my body then unexpectedly called in to work, a long surreal drive w/ coworker, i shot movies of passing poles, reflections in cars, people x-ing the street. the work was hard--pulling out a laurel tree with chain and dumptruck, then cutting it up amid chainsaw fumes and no ear muffs, digging out stump, heavy transplanting, throwing two-handed chunks of concrete into a loud diesel payloader, but somewhere after dragging off limbs the hangover broke like a fever, an all over body sweat & for a second i never felt better.