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February 11, 2003

the big news came a little after 11 o'clock. i knew it was then because i was already thinking about lunch. suddenly from all the houses and cars you heard it, the piercing tone of the emergency broadcasting system. "missiles have been launched... washington DC is gone..." and then that signal went dead.

people were running out of their houses and looking to the skies. i figured, what the hell, put down my shovel and got on my bicycle. so this was the end. it didn't feel that bad.

i got to the bar. it was already packed. the tv was on but no signal was coming through, just a black screen that occasionally flashed as the green LED numbers clicked through all 500 stations on the satellite set, finding nothing, not even static.

beer. thank god. i realized sitting there with the end of the world making its way toward me, that beer was the only thing i'd ever really wanted and here i was, swallowing it, cold and clear, and i didn't have to pay a cent.