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February 3, 2003


before i moved here i dreamt of a sky                                      just like this
and it wasn't long before the dream                                               came true
and it's been coming true ever since,                                             sky & clouds,
the space needle so singular whether                        viewed from
directly below at night or glimpsed from afar at 60mph
riding to work with the boss, my first day back
at landscaping since i broke my wrist on sep 22nd.
i was in the woods most of the day, a bird sanctuary,
pulling tiny weeds (invasive species), the kind of work
they assign for occupational therapy, cold & drizzly,
everything green except autumn's rotting leaves,
the sun broke through and lit up the wet branches
and i stood soaking it in, eyelids like flower petals.
then we climbed up, in, & around, pruning a plum tree.