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January 19, 2003

John King gave me the Steve Keene painting below a few years ago on the anniversary of my entrance on earth.
It hangs over our tub, while the photos are a double view taken just around the corner in a blue blurred mood.

When the phone rings, I pick it up. Earlier today, I accepted a collect call from King County Detention Center.
"The cost of this call is $1.65. Press O to accept." O I pressed. A friend of mine busted, he explained his innocence.

I spent the day inside, organizing my past, happy that the choice was mine. Where he is, they never turn out the light.
Coffee, bath, a book, sometimes I lament the lack of adventure in my life. This is too easy, it can't be right.

Afternoon kitchen chat over glasses of water with my upstairs neighbor, coming out sun sliced by wood blind slats.
She says move to Prague, break free of mossy Seattle routines. I agreed but haven't committed. Change is scary.