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December 29, 2002

resizing the photo of screen makes everything wiggy -- can you explain that?
the Sound of Music was on tonight. my mother watched it every year, and i must have absorbed a lot of it, but it's been at least 20 since i saw any of it, and we caught just the end. i was surprised by the suspense of the escape from Nazi Austria. she used to weep at Edelweiss, and i got a little teary this time, understanding better what it means to lose one's culture, one's freedom. don't ask me why. it struck a powerful chord for my mother. she'd had to leave everything behind when she left then-Czechoslovakia in '68 in, admittedly, less dramatic fashion than the Von Trapp family singers & without the talent.

sarah's dad, bill, is reading about FDR's decision to utterly decimate the Germans in WWII to force unconditional surrender so as to finally take the fight out of them. the strategy worked, but guess where that warmaking proclivity went.

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