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November 16, 2002

Miso Maria Consuela Cabeza
is her name, being cute is her fate

An ambassador of love from Cat Planet,
her furry purr vibrates to save

in the way Tibetan monks chant
"to effect a specific change

in the individual
                  and his environment"


note: above quote taken from back cover of CHO-GA: Tantric and Ritual Music of Tibet: An anthology of Buddhist chants and hymns recorded at Tibetan monasteries in northern India and Nepal during the years 1969 and 1970.*
The monks believe good sounds balance the forces of evil in the world. These vibrations are energy, energy affects matter--the monks hope for the better. "It is only in this exceptional time that we live in, an age of massive world changes, that the lamas have reversed their traditional practice of secrecy and have allowed certain chants to be heard." Cats, too, divulge their secrets.

*Produced and distributed by Dorje Ling / Box 1140 San Rafael, California, 94902 copyright 1974

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