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October 30, 2002

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What do you think of
when you think of Fremont?

Fremont Sunday Market
A weekly opportunity for people to meet and visit with their neighbors, as well as browse goods and services unavailable anywhere else. Provides livelihoods for scores of small businesspeople.
Currently being sued by Sound Mind & Body Gym.

The Solstice Parade
This annual tribute to art & life attracts thousands of residents and visitors to the streets of Fremont in a high-spirited celebration of creativity.
Sound Mind & Body routinely objects to the temporary street closures that make this event possible.

Car-Free Days
The first Car-free Day in North America was held in Fremont in September 2001. Artists, businesses, and residents united to highlight the dangers of auto overuse and to offer workable alternatives, sparking a movement which has spread to other US cities.
Sound Mind & Body resisted the permit.

No neighborhood in Seattle has been more radically transformed by art and community events than Fremont. Ten years ago, Fremont was not a particularly attractive place to live or work, but through a concerted effort by its residents, Fremont has been transformed into “the center of the universe”—a great place to live, work, create, and recreate.

So why does Sound Mind & Body Gym continually oppose the very activities that, by making Fremont a destination, have contributed to SMB’s success? It just doesn’t make sense...

Why do business in a communtiy you seek to destroy?

Dozens showed up to protest SMB's lawsuit.

Please take a moment today to tell the ownership of SMB Gym that you support
the community events that make Fremont great. Thank you.

[please print this informative leaflet and distribute to SMB members]