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October 17, 2002

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I took it to the street today, another phase of the big purge, $1 sidewalk sale of art, books, LPs, and T-shirts with a couple of "big ticket" items thrown in--bicycle, kingdome usher jacket, 35 mm camera. It's not so much about the money (I cleared about $24 in 6 hours)--it's about injecting some life into local sidewalk culture and getting to meet neighbors and visitors. I donated some records to Cheech's reservation radio station fundraising rummage sale; met Michelle, on shoreleave from a tall ship which teaches kids empowerment; Melanie videotaped me as part of a project where she's documenting what's on people's minds; two PR guys from the eastside deployed to find clients handed me a mock contract after buying Lawrence Welk and the usher jacket; John Berry arrived and we shared some fine cheap wine; Dave Benham dropped off a sounds of the Civil War record album; and dozens of people said hi as I busied myself with editing a manuscript, stencilling broken bones on shirts and books, and generally just soaking up the free easy feeling of being right where I was, sun smiling on closed eyes, the gold leaves above alive with light.