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October 2, 2002

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It's all happening at the Powerhouse. Wednesdays and Sundays from 7 - 10 pm is open studio, so I took the opportunity to teach a silkscreening workshop after receiving emails from Jus-10 and Ani, people who'd heard I like to teach...
                                                ...Ani is funny

This came out of a book Coire was reading, monkey mind in protohuman head. (It's OK to use someone else's design when you've just walked in from Indiana. He and Shannon had been just driving by...)

Jus-10 and I met at a BMX event where I was printing shirts free on an ironing board and he filmed me. This is a Space Invader. He says he's got more of these...

This came out of Shannon's head: a vision inspired at coffee shop, 3 friends, filling themselves up empty again. Also from Indiana, it was Shannon's curiosity that got them through the door. If people from Indiana can make it all the way to Seattle to learn how to silkscreen, can't you? Watch the schedule at The maniacs at the powertop are running amok and will continue to do so until we say STOP. It's an exciting time to be alive. Don't neglect to leave your mark.

All prints on this page executed by first-timers. Actual sizes approx. 8"x10".