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September 12, 2002

how low am i? living without excitement, this morning
a VW microbus w/ all the right stickers--Amnesty Int'l,
etc.--cut me off and blocked the bike lane @ 50th &
Phinney. I said hey, the driver looked the wrong way,
so i tapped on his window in back, gently. he moved,
threatening as he did, "touch my car again and i'll break
your arm!" the 5-year-old next to him seemed to think
this normal. "oh yeah?" i countered, "you're blocking
the lane--be considerate!" maybe he'd been kidding--
he beeped & smiled as he drove away. no telling what
people are thinking. picked up the P'up at the shop and
i'm driving again, 30 minutes to Renton, starting 9:30 a.m.,
to run irrigation at an electrical engineer's American dream,
a $40,000 landscaping job--my share is $13 an hour...

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