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July 18, 2002

 give yourself a
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paver, topdressing, scoop shovel, edge, backfill, level, pick, pitchfork, gravel, sand, rootball, trench, big red, stuart, gil, mark, ben--first day on the job & i'm in heaven, stu says enjoy the honeymoon while it lasts. tireder 'an hell, after work i pedal without a path, stop in at Thriftko by chance, an old GoldE Manumatic slide projector for $12.99 and ringdangdoo gogo guitar record from 1966. i ride one-handed (precarious balance of record & projector in other) the whole way to golden gardens, where everything's so beautiful i don't know where to look--at sunbeams streaming to meet mist rising off the water, breeze giving shape to sails, boats heeling over? or at the clouds like a rack of ribs stretching away to brace the sky? the answer is: at these words, black sharpie on the back of 3 kill your television stickers. and later, at the computer, transcribing a moment of consciousness published to the web. is it just so much more clutter? suddenly the Sound is audible, a series of small waves, the wake of a freighter that's already far away, the way these words echo thought, evidence of a world that passed through my brain, bits of gravel, going... going... gone.