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July 5, 2002

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Independence Day is my new favorite holiday. I mean, freedom--what a concept! Toppling repressive regimes! Declaring your right to say and worship whatever you want! That's good stuff. It's also the least consumer of holidays. The whole idea is to get out, hang with your neighbors, and share food. The streets were alive here in Fremont with people heading to Gasworks Park to watch the fireworks--a hell of a lot better way to expend gunpowder and phosphorous than dropping bombs on civilian populations, which is what our alleged representatives in Washington DC continue to support. The rallying cry of this country's revolution was "Taxation without Representation!" Well, I would like to see more of my tax dollar go to health care, education, and public transit, less on corporate bailouts and imperial expansion. It's like Michael Moore said when I saw him speak here in Seattle on April 22 2002--big government isn't all bad, but it should serve the needs of the people, not merely promote the interests of the ruling class. And that's never going to happen until we get campaign finance reform. For now, the United States House, Senate, and Executive Branch remain the best government money can buy, using fear as a lever to subvert the Constitution and justify abuses of the power granted them by the people.