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July 1, 2002

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Who needs Big Brother when frightened people are happy to spy on themselves? Perfect control society will be everyone under de facto house arrest, teleworking, ordering in, shopping by phone, and taking virtual vacations. Sweet!
Who are these girls? They look like they're having fun, dialing in to the rest of the globe from some european internet cafe with inflatable furniture--maybe amsterdam? Techno backbeat, espresso and hash permeate the air like god's own bakery, experienced rollers take their time, smile when they light up, fingers relaxed, dangling...
you should too because i joined and it was like so cool

Now, in case you've forgotten the day none of us would ever forget, 9/11 is coming around again, and two groups are choosing to comemmorate the event, both with cameras but from different angles...

4)"Call for Artists: A Global Arts and Film Project"
2002-06-24 until 2002-09-11
One World One Minute
Paisley, Scotland, , UK United Kingdom

The concept of the project is a simple one, but offers huge scope for all concerned. We aim to have participants in EVERY country around the globe record, simultaneously, ONE MINUTE of their lives, one minute of our world. The minute can be recorded in a wide range of forms, and on any medium you choose, from stills photography to video, sound cassettes, written word or even drawings, any form at all. The project coordinators then aim to compile this material into a feature length film which shall seek to capture that one minute of our existence.

The finished piece shall explore the rich diversity that is both humanity and our world, whilst allowing a voice to all people regardless of nationality, religion, race, political viewpoint, gender or age. The rich diversity that is Humanity shall be there for all to see and perhaps too, through all our differences, we shall also see that which is inherently human, that which is common to us all.

As for the timing of this event, at 12:48 GMT, September 11th 2001 a plane struck the World Trade Centre. This was the first of four such attacks over the next 92 minutes and led to the deaths of more than 2000 people from over 60 different countries.

That first attack, and those that followed, as well as the repercussions, have led to immeasurable suffering throughout the world.

It is with this in mind that we have chosen 12:48 GMT September 11th 2002, exactly one year after that first attack, as the one minute to record. For many this will be a time of remembrance and reflection and surely there can be no more appropriate time for an international collaboration that is about communication, co-operation and sharing.

The coordinators of this project hope that you will agree that this is an appropriate moment to preserve a snapshot of the world, to reflect on where we are and where we are going and to offer others an insight into your world and your life.

The organizers of this monumental project hope that you will see both the potential and the worth in this project and choose to participate. This is your opportunity to share a moment of your life, your world, with others, an opportunity to both talk to and listen to the world, to join with others around the globe and create a truly unique record and experience.

...At least, that's what I more or less imagined. Then, cruising for info on electric organs (we recently found a sweet 1970s Thomas discarded in an alley... Did you know the electic organ was patented in Canada in 1928?), I found a picture from the same shoot, and it occured to me that those global-minded women, those adventurous travelers, were nothing more than stock photography! I'd been duped again. Don't believe everything that you see...

Have you seen the folding $20 conspiracy?
Fold one of them new encephalitic Jacksons just so and you see the twin towers going up in smoke. What does it prove? The Illuminati sought a convincing demonstration of their time travel abilities. Money is the usual vehicle for their hoodoo (NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM on the back of every dollar bill) because it is one of the few artifacts which touches many and inspires people to kill. After money has accumulated power by going from hand to hand, they collect it to be burned (so they say), but really they wrap their mummies in it, girding them for their journeys through eternity. Just thought you should know...

International Day Against Video Surveillance
September 11, 2002

On 7 September 2001, a network of groups staged an International Day Against Video Surveillance: http://www.notbored.org/7s01.html

Though it was a great success (in action were 23 different groups from 8 different countries!), this protest was inevitably overshadowed by the terrorist attacks on the USA, which occurred on 11 September 2001, just four days later.

Since then, the governments of a great many countries -- the USA, Canada, France, England, Italy, Germany and Israel, to name just a few -- have cynically used the pretext of "fighting terrorism" to drastically increase their powers of coercion at all levels of operation (i.e., local police departments, national military forces, international intelligence gathering and covert operations) and to use these expanded powers to wage illegal war against both suspected "international terrorists" and legitimate political dissidents and activists in their own countries.

And so it seems fitting that, in order to defend and reclaim our civil liberties, we stage our *second* International Day Against Video Surveillance on 11 September 2002, and not on its actual first anniversary.

Are you interested? contact notbored @panix.com