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June 9, 2002

have i got a deal for you!

motor court pool party sunset bbq, beers in coolers, empties in crates, someone put a mushroom in my mouth and i had no choice but to chew... ooh! felt fit to puke but held it together by perching precariously on a high-backed couch--keep yr mind off yr worries and they just step out. it all felt so golden and innocent, warmly remembered even as it was unfolding, long seattle summer run-up days w/ the sky a curious far north blue even as late as 10 o'clock, oh my god, i ate a mushroom...

...the catalyst of language if you can believe terence mckenna--does that make me a terrorist? i think it must b/c i turned a universe inside out w/ just this thought in the sauna: What is the thing you're afraid to face? And I caught a glimpse creeping up and out from some expanse of my brain--a head with writhing snakes for a face, like electron microscope scans of chromosomes, wriggles familiar as death, and then it was gone, leaving only a consoling emptiness, as if to say my fear of it was deeper than the abyss itself. i guess i am a terrorist cz it's the practice of self-determination and personal freedom that scares those who cultivate fear to feed their greed. why else would they make it a crime to eat something that grows wild and free?