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June 5, 2002

after pausing at myrtle edwards on the ride home              from work to soak up some sun and the sounds of the sound
whipped to a frenzy by the wind, ponderous                     jets drift on gusts approaching Sea-Tac, lone white triangles
brave the water, the ferries burn twice as much         fuel rattling people towards vashon shores, i smoke some tobacco
through beach bamboo, the feel of a          long finger bone, sand in shortcropped hair a sign reminding me where.
after pausing there i stopped to photograb      these imposing dishes atop their blocky fortress, the whole city--people,
buildings, plants--nothing but information man        ifesting in 3 dimensions... concrete, wood, flesh and steel growing
like mold on a corpse. a guy on a ben     ch noticed my bike chain and said it looked up to the task but he could break
my lock with a number 2 hammer. i kne         w that. it ended with him commissioning me to draw his roleplaying
persona, a half-jaguar beast with the torso of a        woman and a scorpion-like spiked tail poised to strike.