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May 23, 2002

The young girls at golden gardens were practicing their cursing; singing; chanting: CONCENTRATION! 64! NO REPEATS... OR HESITATION! Sarah scolded me for not wearing a bike helmet and I sang "Don't Show Me Your Ass" the whole ride home, where we ate leftover beans and cheese and fell deeply asleep at 8:30. The ringing phone (ours actually has a bell, not an electronic birdwhistle) woke us up to the same thought: Where the hell am I? Neither of us knew for sure--traveling makes you a stranger in your own house.

Later, after midnight, on my skateboard, another brush with death: I took a steeper street than I'd intended and barreled through an intersection just inches from getting crushed by a GMC truck. Got to Josh's where illuminated letters spelt: Life's magic is in taking risks.
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