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May 16, 2002

Prague needs more tourists like George Bush needs crack,
but let me just go on record as saying the city is becoming
even more beautiful than I knew it 7 years ago. Everywhere
we went we saw workmen (alas, truly no women) softening
sand and hammering catheads (literally kocicky hlavy, what
the Czechs call cobblestones) into place. Beautiful patterns--
sometimes salt and pepper, other times chess--under each step.
They're fixing cracks where facade meets sidewalk, fresh paint
in pastel shades for hundreds years old buildings. My doG!
Europeans are conservationists!
There's nothing wrong with that.
The 111-year-old electric trams zip crosstown unimpeded by cars.
And Prague, city of doGs with a capital P, now even offers (free!)
little paper sacks the size of lunchbags with a cardboard scraper
for pooperpickerupping. It's not just for carnivores anymore. 
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