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April 11, 2002

Barry Duckwright 100% Face Lift or You're
Walked home from utilikilts in intermittent drizzle, hoping to find large sums of cash in the roadside weeds (you know that scene from repo man where they toss the giftwrapped boxes of green out the window of a red camaro?), found only instead a crystal-like chandelier bauble and plastic Honda lug cover (which makes a great belt buckle).

Stopped by Steve's for a couple of quesadillas and a quick lesson in the crapshoot of life for Amanda and Eraiyna, 7-year-old sororal twin sculptors, who each picked a fist for a random gift, Amanda (so used to getting her way otherwise), disappointed to get a dirty ziploc baggy (found along the canal, empty), while her sister picked the right and got the scratched yet elegant teardrop bauble.

From there, hello to Josh, whose polished bronze ashtray is for sale in a group show of functional art. Functional art--love it.

Darryl beat the odds, the clock, and his day job to finish his lifesize statue of Chuck Berry for the corporate office of a music business here in Seattle. It's beautiful work. A balance of roughness and precision, like Berry's playing itself, fuzzy but the detail is there--buttons on shirt, guitar toggle, and strings that make a delightful sound when you strum 'em, 350 lbs of bronze balanced on the soles of a moment duckwalking between release and tension.