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February 20, 2002

Steve Pats

Bill of the Mu came by Steve's weekly Bandwagon work party and, watching all the activity, said out of the blue, "I hate TV"--the thought-out-loud conclusion of an internal comparison of group dynamics he was witnessing versus lonely solitary existence glued to the parasitic tube which defines so many people's evenings. It seems so simple now but for years I didn't know what was missing; it's what Vonnegut always lamented America lacking--the artificial extended family.

Community sure comes in handy. I can't speak for Pat, but it seems to me that having your face cast in plaster for future mask-making in a roomful of friends is as good a way as any to take your mind off having had your home burn down the night before while you were out across the street celebrating your birthday.

Pat's Bhagavad-Gita and two Utilikilts survived the blaze that fused his cameras' plastic parts...