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February 12, 2002

pausing on ballard bridge on the bikeride home. life is better slow.

The day started on a positive note after a too-cold bikeride in man-skirt on Motobecane to Utilikilts, where I'm very close to launching their site redesign. (It was too cold to be riding a bike in a kilt with no jacket but then I've never been very wise about dressing for the weather.) An email from Mark Watson informed of UN's Car Free program. I quickly emailed international advisor Eric Britton to suggest Seattle host the next demonstration car-free day. When I got home, Sarah told me he'd called from Paris to say it might be possible, but only with strong mayoral support. We'll see, I guess, but the quickness of the connection, the setting of wheels in motion, refreshed my faith in the Internet as a way of changing things for the better.