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January 28, 2002

Can you ever make up for lost time?
I kind of doubt it, but lately I feel
as if I'm trying to squeeze two or three
lives into each day, as if atoning for all
the years I wasted. I'm working two
jobs two days a week each, then doing
some web work at nights, not to mention writing for anne e. moore's magazine, promoting a friend's art gallery, learning PHP, creating an online archive of backlogged photography, helping found an intentional community, living car-free,
and mailing friends letters, books, and CDs. I'm not sure why the sudden sense
of urgency, but it seems that everything's quickly changing and there's no point just sitting around waiting.


Today was a hell of a day, great in every way and I worry I must be crazy to feel so optimistic given the contrary evidence. Woke up. That was a start. Food and coffee in the kitchen, the luxury of drinking water, work waiting to be done, the prodigal sun returning without so much as an apology, steep dry streets and  a skateboard on loan from Travis, a miracle of no collision as it rolled through the busy intersection with me chasing after it saying "oh shit oh shit...," the bums pissing where they want, pushing malt liquor shopping carts, sarah's art, the birdcage stand "free" in a doorway, the repaired candleshade to hang on it, Lee on the street smoking me with sage saying it's a full moon don't you love it? and the sudden faith that we can save ourselves so long as we share our visions & dreams--don't wait!