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December 17, 2001

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Woke up in Connie and Bruce's guest garret. We're staying with them until New Year's because we sublet our apartment. Downstairs, pouring coffee, Connie says she dreamt she woke up and it was sunny. A look out the window seemed to say otherwise--battleship grey skies. It gets light here so late in winter and their house is in the shadow of a ridge, so you can't always tell.... A look a little later revealed a thin line of cloud like an ocean breaker, highlighted orange by an as-yet unseen sun, but other than that, clear skies for the first time in two months (it's been an exceptionally dreary autumn in Seattle, the kind that makes the city's reputation as a citadel of rain).

Connie's dad died not long ago and I wonder if this period of mourning brings out our psychic abilities.

I caught a ride with Bruce to Fremont, the scenic route along the lake, walkers out enjoying the paths. "It's good to be back," I kept saying, "It's good to be back."