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November 28, 2001

all the world's
                                                    a stage --
[ now showing: The Surveillance Camera Players ]

thinking about this dream, it occurs to me that it's good to flip off all security cameras as a matter of principle. let the watchers know with a good-natured fuck you and a wink that you believe in constitutional protections despite evidence to the contrary.
go for the face
go for
                                                          the face ...and don't forget to dance! go for
                                                          the face
go for the face

in a dollar store in new york
i buy toy soldiers, a box for $5.50,
green plastic GIs and blue japanese
w/ long fingers & toes, webbed almost,
made less than human by the manufacturer.

there's icebergs in the harbor,
a security camera over my shoulder
where we sit to eat, lakeside in the mountains.
i sing about the pioneers who arrived
when it was dry but overnight rains
persuaded them to stay, created the lake.

i click off the camera but it comes back to life,
walks around on remote control tripod legs
and barks like a dog. we ride a bus out of there.
i forget my suitcase on board and going back
to get it it splits open and i search for a strap.

we're north of where we want to be
with an hour and a half to wait...