when you drive the
                          World is covered in rubber

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October 1, 2001

Just back from Gerlach, Nevada, the apartment is a mess, I walk through it, moving objects though it doesn't make a difference. One corner of calm is the painting Monte laid on me in July on my way back from New York City. I look at it and remember...

monte painted the
                                            phantom car from 4-tire
                                            memory of squat backyard
This is a painting Monte made,
Seattle zip code in the lower right corner,
4 disembodied tires inspired
by afternoon backyard of november squat...

Night rushes into day,
the headlights
from around the curve
fake me into thinking
it's dawn,
everything disappears
in the white glare
of high beams left on.

The detour got us there.
We arrived with a Governor
Ventura air freshner & beer.

Monte & Kristina's in Minneapolis, Northeast: hoop in the driveway,
2-car garage used for a clubhouse,
Bad News, rickshaw, folk fest
painted banner in progress,
good times midwest style,
hopping fences, railroad weeds,
public pools and river docks
at 3 a.m. in sticky 'Sota heat.
Grainbelt Beer.