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September II, 2001

wall street, circa
                                                1998, twin towers on the

domino effect?

911 is the number you call in an emergency, and it's also shorthand for today's date, which I'm sure none of us will forget.

President Bush and his warlords are promising revenge, but the feeling I get from today's tragedy is one of hope for more peaceful times ahead--should we, as individuals, choose it.

America's illusion of invulnerability has been shattered, and through this bursting of the unreality bubble I hope will emerge stronger feelings of empathy for those who've been made to suffer at the hands of U.S. foreign policy (Vietnam, South America, Iraq, etc.), and new respect for the sanctity of life in general.

The Pentagon and WTC represent systematized violence and greed, and today's attack was the inevitable negative reaction to entrenched practices which place power and profits before people.

Today's killing is unjustifiable, but let's not think of revenge, which dehumanizes and brutalizes us. Let's instead think how we felt that first moment we heard the news, when our hearts broke, and seek those positive actions which enrich us by building nurturing communities instead of isolating ourselves in prisons of fear, hate, and paranoia.

My heart goes out to everyone affected by this, especially to those who lost friends and loved ones in this cruel act. Let's work together to channel our grief and outrage to create a more humane society instead of following the spiritually and physically deadly spiral of perpetual retaliation.

Go here to let the world know you are OK: http://www.shunn.net/check-in.

Then go outside and ponder the quiet skies.