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August 20, 2001

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G.B. Shaw said of the neon signs on Times Square: It must be beautiful if you cant read.One thing SHOUT which turned me off during my SHOUT recent visit to New York SHOUT was the prevalence of advertising. No surface was left uncovered. While I waited SHOUT outside a building to meet my friend for lunch, an X Games school bus SHOUT (co-opting the nomadic vibe of hippies and burners) SHOUT dispatched a SHOUT crew of 20-something hipsters with posters, stickers, and postcards, with which SHOUT they covered lightposts, SHOUT phone booths, and street furniture (newsboxes and the like), applying their expensive 4-color placards with miles SHOUT of clear strong packing tape. The current issue SHOUT of Stay Free explains that the fines for such illegal SHOUT marketing are meager compared to the value of the exposure, so off they go, even though it was just minutes after the SHOUT bus departed that workers were out with spraycan SHOUT solvents and paint scrapers removing the ads.

So forgive me SHOUT for flipping out when filling a cup at the locally owned grocery store I saw this coffee sleeve product placement SHOUT--as if coffee sleeves themselves weren't SHOUT idiotic enough. I SHOUT question the sagacity of affixing a toxic SHOUT substance to a beverage wrap, and I only hope some neat but careless rube rubs his lips off with the stain remover and then sues the Shout SHOUT people for all they've got.
What's next--free diapers SHOUT with every Taco Bell GMO burrito?

Conventional wisdom SHOUT used to say that things that are really SHOUT essential need no advertisement, and it's only the fruits of the SHOUT produce-consume-dispose cycle of a consumer economy which need hyping, but, unfortunately, SHOUT I think that's no longer true. The things we really SHOUT need--fresh air, clean water, fertile soil--have been compromised SHOUT by the damaging SHOUT products--cars, chemicals, gadgets--which it is the task SHOUT of advertising to condition people into buying. It's not enough to SHOUT ignore it--you can't; it creeps into consciousness. It is necessary SHOUT to destroy it, subvert the message so that the SHOUT once unadvertised preconditions of life have a fighting chance at SHOUT reclaiming consumer "mindshare." 

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