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July 11, 2001

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"The face of a child can say so much--especially the mouth part." -Jack Handy

many gathered to surprise stephanie with a sweet marin bicycle for her birthday

at 1 1/2, the baby
sees "me"
(meaning herself)

at 1 1/2, Mian
points at mommy
and says

at 1 1/2, Mian
points at Mian
and says

it is the differentiation
of self
from surroundings

a little bit sad
that perfect unity
must untie

yielding to the
of division
lasting for the rest
of our lives

waiting for that moment
of easy peace
when we're 80
or maybe 17

when we see
(again, remember)
that it's all one thing

the accidental buddhist
asking the hot dog vendor:
"make me one
with everything"