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July 5, 2001

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SUV = Sickening Urban Vanity

Beatiful evening for a bikeride, so after petitioning neighbors for signatures of support for Car Free Fremont, I fueled up with a stout at Trolleyman Pub and read an article about meatpackers in Mother Jones.

Pedalled my heavy old green-and-black big wire basket Boeing cruiser over Dexter to Trashkids' new location, where in half an hour I saw more customers than in the past 3 weeks at their now defunct Fremont store. I am happy for Ilse and Brad--they were just too good for this once "funky" neighborhood.

Continued my leisurely roll along the Elliott Bay and T-91 Trails, stopping to photograph railyard fences against a coloring sky, feeling strangely high--must've been the light.

Dave Benham called, so we agreed to meet at the Buck. We got there precisely at the same moment, which happens to us all the time. He thought he'd be in town overnight, but the woman he was seeing backed out, so we shared a couple of quick beers, sketched plans for a Burning Man scarab artcar lounge, and then he ran out early so as not to miss his ferry.